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dmc is Python and Csound for live audio.

pycs was the PYthon Csound entertainment System for PS/2 game controller. dmc was several generations of keyboard controlled audio event generators. They are now merged as dmc.

Right now only the pycs component is activated.

It runs under Linux, Windows, and probably OS X.


Download the code here and unpack it with

mkdir dmc_linux
tar -C dmc_linux -zxvf dmc_linux.tar.gz

Under Linux, the system python and libraries can be used. In Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install python-csound python-pygame

will make sure everything is installed.

To run pycs

cd dmc_linux


Download the code here. Right click on and choose Extract All... from the menu.

The Windows version includes a modified version of PortablePython1.1Py2.6.1 that is already set up to run the code. No other installation is necessary. The dmc_windows directory is self contained and can be moved if you wish.

To run pycs, open the dmc_windows folder and double click on



Pygame is used to read game controller and MIDI input. A modified docco-coffee is used for documentation.

Thanks to Jethro.

dmc began as for a duo gig with Danny McClain long ago. It is dedicated to him.